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Words of Reference
Biblical Principles

“With the biblical principles and tools taught us, you helped make us better parents as the years went by. Now we are wiser grandparents and living a healthier thirty-one-year-old marriage.”

From a Client
Better Choices and Decisions

“Dear Terry and Sandy: Through the years we found your counseling helped us to make better choices and decisions. As a couple, we needed to be aware of what we were repeating. We had some patterns established from childhood. We’re making healthier decisions in life and marriage.”

From a Client
A Blessing

“Dear Terry: Your counseling was a blessing and truly helped our marriage. We are doing well and our relationship has improved dramatically. Thank you.”

From a Client
Insights and Perspective

“When Sandy speaks, people listen and are rewarded by new insights and perspectives. Sandy shines in her spirituality, her enthusiasm, and articulateness. Her training, personality, and skills fit the profile of those counselors I would hire to work in my private practice. Perhaps the greatest complement one professional can give another is ‘I would send a family member to her.’”

Janeen Carrell-Brown Ph.D.
Good Listener

“Sandy’s ability to bond well with people is an asset that benefits her relationships and reputation with clients, coworkers, and the professional community. Clients’ evaluations of Sandra have always been positive. She is sympathetic, patient, and possesses the important quality of being a good listener. I recommend her positively without reservation.”

AnonymousCounseling Executive Director

Terry and Sandra believe…

“When we address the dynamics of the whole person in counseling: the physical, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual aspects of a person’s life, we can effectively facilitate healing.”

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