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Words of Reference
Helped Me with My Depression

“Terry, helping me see my unhealthy thought patterns and lack of emotional boundaries has helped me with my depression. Your insight in how to think positively about the emotions I experience from a biblical perspective has been insightful.”

From a Client
Communicating Much Better

“Your counseling has really helped, we are communicating much better, listening and understanding each other.”

From a Husband
Our Friend’s Marriage Survived

“I couldn’t believe our friend’s marriage survived. We are telling others of your counseling.”

From a Concerned Friend
A More Positive Attitude to Love My Wife

“Terry, you helped me see my narcissism and my victim mentality. This has helped me with my anger problem and a more positive attitude to love my wife.”

From a Husband
A Positive Difference

“Thank you for the help with our son. I really see a positive difference. Thank you.”

From a Mother
You Have Really Helped

“Terry, I heard you were good which prompted me to come to you. You have really helped. Thank you.”

From a Mother
Wholesome Answers for Discouraging Struggles

“Anyone wanting wholesome answers for discouraging struggles they are facing, I highly recommend the services of Covenant Counseling.”

Pastor David L. Cox

Terry and Sandra believe…

“When we address the dynamics of the whole person in counseling: the physical, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual aspects of a person’s life, we can effectively facilitate healing.”

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