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We are not taking new clients at this time.

A message to our current clients…

We have moved. If you are not receiving Telehealth counseling, our new location is
Eagle Ridge Church of God, 2808 Waldo Ave., Midland, MI.
Phone – (989) 835-8344

Turn into the north entrance off of Waldo Ave. You will see a sign that states, “Receiving, Stay on Drive.” Follow this road to the back of the church and park near the playground and gazebo pavilion. There you will see the counseling entrance.

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When someone is hurting…

Covenant Counseling offers the confidence of professional skill, warm caring concern,
and the satisfaction of personal privacy.

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Our Christian Worldview
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Why Choose Us…

Terry & Sandra Lodico give professional counseling founded upon sound biblical and psychological principles.

They are committed to Christian values and recognize the wisdom of the Bible and the power of Jesus Christ in the healing process.



Terry and Sandra believe…

“When we address the dynamics of the whole person in counseling: the physical, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual aspects of a person’s life, we can effectively facilitate healing.”

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