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Marriage Doctor Podcast 56 – What Women Want Men To Know

Download Episode!Welcome to Episode 56 of the Marriage Doctor Podcast! This week, we seek to answer a question that has eluded couples for centuries – what do women want men to learn from and about them? It’s an important discussion that can help reshape the way couples listen to[…]

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Marriage Doctor Podcast 55 – Come CELEBRATE With Us At Grand Hotel

Download Episode!Welcome to a special edition of the Marriage Doctor Podcast! For the first time in our history, we’re taking the show on the road, May 20-22, with a trip to historic Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island to be part of the CELEBRATE Your Marriage Conference. On this[…]

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Marriage Doctor Podcast 54 – Fear Is Not The Same As Fact

Download Episode!Ep. 54 was inspired by an email we received from a listener currently serving in the Armed Forces. His message centered around the fear that his spouse might find in someone else the things he isn’t able to provide during his deployment. That foundation built to a discussion[…]

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Marriage Doctor Podcast 53 – Ashley Madison Survey Insights

Download Episode!Ep. 53 There is a terrible, sinful, shameful website that promotes adultery and affairs. With more than 54 million users around the world, Ashley Madison conducted a survey to find out why people are willing to cheat. In this episode of the Marriage Doctor Podcast, we examine the[…]

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Marriage Doctor Podcast 52 – A Full Team Effort

Download Episode!Ep. 52 highlights the importance of husbands and wives treating their relationship as a true team effort, instead of independent, adversarial opponents. In every area of life – finances, standards, parenting, the covenant bonds of marriage are designed to help couples thrive together. If you’re frustrated and feeling[…]

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Marriage Doctor Podcast 51 – Culture-Proof Your Marriage

Download Episode!Ep. 51 looks at the many ways the original purpose and meaning of marriage has been re-defined by a culture saturdated with shifting standards…and we provide insights and advice for a marriage that doesn’t get tossed around by the vagaries of society. If you’ve ever found it difficult[…]

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