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Marriage Doctor Podcast 48 – January Couples’ Challenge Pt. 4 – Rekindling Romance

Download Episode!Ep. 48 concludes the January Couples’ Challenge with a focus on romance. What are the little and big things you can do to increase the passion and romance in your relationship? Terry shares several insights that can help rekindle the romance! This one is filled with substantive insights[…]

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Marriage Doctor Podcast 47 – January Couples’ Challenge Pt. 3 – Escaping The Tyranny of Time

Download Episode!Ep. 47 continues the January Couples’ Challenge with a challenge to find more time to spend together…and then Terry provides insights for how to spend that time effectively. The “tyranny of time” tends to dominate our lives with hectic schedules, family activities, work, and also those frivolous things[…]

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Marriage Doctor Podcast 46 – January Couples’ Challenge Pt. 2 – No More Independent Silos

Download Episode!Ep. 46 continues the January Couples’ Challenge with a challenge to become less self-absorbed and more invested in the things that matter to your spouse. It’s the tearing down of “independent silos” of living and a call to dropping the “me first” barriers that create what you’ve heard[…]

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Marriage Doctor Podcast 45 – January Couples’ Challenge Pt. 1 – Communication

Download Episode!Ep. 45 marks the launch of Season 2 of the podcast and we’re dedicating the month of January to a sort of New year Resolution series for couples – the January Couples’ Challenge! This week, Terry Lodico shares a challenge to strengthening the communication between spouses with intentional[…]

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Marriage Doctor Podcast – Special Holiday Message

Download Episode!Enjoy this brief holiday message from the Marriage Doctor Podcast. We return with a fresh episode on Jan 5th! Powered by WPeMatico

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Marriage Doctor Podcast 43 – Blended Family Stress Relief

Download Episode!Ep. 43 is designed to help blended families better navigate the difficulties of getting along, managing priorities, and deal with the many factors that can lead to stress on relationships of all parties involved. With a large percentage of the country being a part of a blended family,[…]

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